This will take you about 5 minutes to fill out.  Are you READY?  Let's Begin...

Preliminary Information

We use your age to help to generate the numbers... we know that sharing your age is something YOU choose to do!
We know you can't predict the future, (and it could be considered morbid) but what age do you think you will live to see?

Time Spent Assessment

This section is going to assess how you spend your time. If you need to, guess the best numbers that you can. You can tweak the numbers later to play with the report. Most of the answers will be in HOURS per week or HOURS per day.

Self Betterment

This part of the questionnaire is dedicated to assessing how much time you spend improving you.  

Maybe listening to Podcasts, asking advice, etc.

Focusing on Others

This part of the test is focused on how much time you spend serving or focusing on others.

(yours or other people's)

Extra Curricular

This section is focused on those things that you do that are not part of your routine.

(sports, reading, gardening, etc.)
(Facebook, Amazon, etc.)

The Chores

We all have things that we have to do, that we would avoid if we could.